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I almost forgot...

I've totally been slacking on my personal posts for YoniSisters but I wanted to make a post about starting 'The Goddess Body Cleanse'. I've done this cleanse once before and loved it. I have some major physical healing coming up after my next procedure I wanted to go into it having detoxed so I can give my body the best environment to heal :)

Here is some information from GoddessBody.org about the cleanse.

The wondrous benefits include:
  • clear skin issues,
  • weight loss (waste) releasing 5-45 pounds,
  • enhanced energy levels,
  • Eliminates parasites & worms,
  • Balances female related organs & hormones
  • regulates menstrual cycles
  • less painful menstrual cycles
  • regulated blood pressure, cholesterol etc.,
  • regularity of bowel,
  • Enhanced mental acuity, focus, & concentration
  • eradication of cravings (especially sugar, junk food, etc.),
  • & much much more!

Your Goddess Body Cleanse©™ includes ALL of the following:
  • Healthy Yoni™ Herbal Blend
  • Mind & Spirit  Herbal Blend
  • Cleansing Herbal Blend
  • Belly Buster Botanicals™ Herbal Fiber Blend
  • Eating Regimen, Plant based Meal Plan, & Directions Packet
  • Tea Infuser for brewing loose herbs
  • Tote to carry all Detox Essentials

I started this cleanse a couple days ago and I must say this time it was easier to do after being fully vegan, the last time I was in transition and it was harder to keep with the "strict" diet.

Since I have to go in for this LEEP procedure I am doubling up on the Healthy Yoni Herbal Blend because, according to it's creator, Angela, "it contains plants that help to tone, nourish, strengthen, and rejuvenate the cervix. It facilitates general healing by enhancing regeneration of the cells of these organs." Since I will have about the size of a nickel cut off of my cervix I wanted to make sure that I am giving it the best environment to heal. 

So that's just a quick update on what I've been up to aside from all the YS things we've been doing. 

-Peace and blessings  👑Jay

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