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Yoni Sister Review: The Diva Cup

Before we get started we wanted to let y’all know writing a review is harder than we thought it would be. There are so may things we could write about and we definitely don’t want to leave anything out. So here it goes and we hope you're ready- you have to be if you're here with the Yoni Sisters right?! lol

So a little information about The DivaCup straight from them:

The DivaCup is a reusable, bell-shaped menstrual cup that is worn internally and sits low in the vaginal canal, collecting rather than absorbing your menstrual flow.   

Diva Cup Features:
  • 12 hour leak-free protection!
  • Made from the highest quality healthcare grade silicone to assure comfort and durability.
  • Does not contain any of the following: latex, plastic, PVC, acrylic, acrylate, BPA, phthalate, elastomer, and free of colors and dyes.
  • Reusable and eco-friendly - no waste, no chemicals.
  • Features extra grip ridges for easier removal.
  • Cleared for marketing by the US FDA and is the only ISO 13485:2003 certified menstrual cup in the world.

We wanted to give a short sweet low down of the cup before sharing our personal testimony about them. So we will talk about the things we get asked most about when telling our friends about The DivaCup.

Price: The DivaCup ranges from $25 - $30+tax depending on where it’s bought.

Quality: The DivaCup is the only menstrual cup that is ISO Certified which basically means: the DivaCups have reached a regulatory standard for quality of medical devices aka this is top of the line silicone as far as menstrual cups go.

Ease of use: The DivaCup is not without its learning curve but once you find your fold style and the right position for insertion, it’s no harder than inserting a tampon. If you don’t have experience with tampons then it’s really no more difficult with putting a yoni egg or something else ;) in. LOL

Worth it: Yes, the initial cost of The DivaCup is much higher than their toxin laden alternatives but one cup can last you years (We’ve read some women have had their cups for 10+ years). Now we do want to say that The DivaCup’s website recommends that you replace it once a year but it also states that it is solely up to personal preference.

Where to buy: The DivaCup can be bought online via amazon/target/lunapads or in stores walgreens/cvs/target


  • Safe for your Yoni: since it is chemical free the DivaCup there are no chemicals being absorbed into your bloodstream! In addition there is no risk of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome)
  • Saves you money: After the initial cost of buying your first DivaCup you really won’t need to buy another one unless you feel it is necessary.
  • No odor: Every woman knows the smell of their period, especially if they use pads, the odor comes about when air hits the menstrual blood that’s when it starts to smell. Since the DivaCup traps the menstrual blood in the cup it doesn't come in contact with the air thus no more smelly period ladies
  • 12-hour protection: Ok so that’s pretty self explanatory. Not having to worry about changing a tampon/pad for 12 will NEVER BE A THING, but with the DivaCup it is. Oh and guess what ladies you can sleep wit the DivaCup in as well!
  • Keeps your yoni flora happy: The DivaCup doesn't disturb your natural ph-balance like tampons/pad can so if you're prone to yeast infections/bacteria vaginosis using this menstrual cup can help to lessen those problems.


  • Learning Curve: Not gonna front it does take a bit to get used to inserting and removing the DivaCup but once you get your groove you will not even worry about it again.
  • Cleaning in public: So yeah, you don’t have to empty your DivaCup as often as you would change a tampon/pad but if there happens to be a time you need to do so in public it’s a little difficult. A solution to this could be getting two cups and using a ziplock bag to store the used cup until you can clean it properly.
  • Sizing: The sizing on the DivaCup is confusing…there isn’t much difference between the two sizes but if you buy one and it doesn’t fit (leaks all the time) then you’re out that money since there is no returns/exchanges on this product. 
  • Comfort: The DivaCup is larger and sits lower in the vagina than a tampon and some women have a hard time getting used to the feeling of it. While it might not be uncomfortable it is just noticeable and can be considered a con.

Jackie’s Testimonial:

Tip: If you are interested in trying a menstrual cup but are worried about the price of this one there are NUMEROUS other ones that are pretty much the same as the DivaCup in shape and size that are around $10. So grab one of those and give it a try, if it is something you can live with then invest, and I do mean invest because The DivaCup can be with you for years! 

The first time I used the DivaCup I did very little research I pretty much just dived right in. I went to CVS knowing I was buying one, the sizing did throw me off a little but I decided to go with a size 1 even though I was over 30. I just want to stress that you know your body better than a company’s recommendations; so if you know you’ve been doing your kegels and haven’t pushed out a baby you could use a size 1 if you felt like it. When I get it home the first thing I do is disinfect…I boil some water and pour it in a mason jar and let the DivaCup chill in there until it cooled to the touch. After that I washed it with my homemade castile soap dilution which is like a 5% soap to 95% water. Now before I hear it, from those stick to the rules kind of people, I know it says on the DivaCup site not to use oil-based soaps :*eye roll* chile please: the DivaCup Wash as orange oil in it so really…just really?! You don’t need to sell me something else after getting my $40 okay! So with the proper dilution you can use that soap and you’ll be fine…my DivaCup is going on two years old and looks brand new. 

Okay so it’s time to put this sucka in; I was so happy when my period started on a weekend so I could just chill at home for the test run lol. I sit on the toilet and think that the “pinch down fold” (photo on the left)  is what will work best for me I put it in and it seemed like the fold never opened up so I did the whole 360 degree rotation thing it said to do and then I felt it release. I wasn’t sure if it was in right so I decided not to take any chances and I use a liner just in case. To my luck it was in right and there was no leakage! At first I noticed that I felt the DivaCup the entire time it was inside me…it was not uncomfortable nor did it hurt in any way but it was just something I could feel inside my vagina. So I go a couple hours and I’m thinking that there is no way this thing isn't full of menstrual blood yet so I decide to take it out and check. Well, it was maybe 1/4 full so I empty it and wash it out with warm water and rinse it very well, then back to square one with the insertion. Still using the pinch fold but this time I decided to insert it a little further up in the vaginal canal thinking that could give the cup more room to release it’s fold. That worked like a charm, and I even noticed it a little less. I let it go 6 hours before checking it again and I’m still only like 3/8ths full so I know now that I could probably go the 12 hours and not need to empty the cup. 

So I go to take it out and since I put it in further I had to reach up there more than before, I was thinking my fingers were going to come out looking like a scene from Carry but NOTHING! I had minimal -like basically none- blood on my fingers and even the outside of the cup didn’t have much blood on it either! I was soooooo surprised- that was my BIGGEST pet peeve about tampons (until I learned they are so toxic), I hated getting period blood on my hands. I repeat this process and it’s time for bed now. No leaks at all!!! Man I was so excited about this menstrual cup thing I was telling all my friends after day 1 how awesome it was! Of course they didn’t want to hear it but I was singing it’s praises. Now when I use it I just change it when I take a shower (one after my workout and one before bed) and sometime I even forget I am on my period this darn thing makes like so easy!

Chantay’s Testimonial:

ahhhhh, the DivaCup. i really cant say enough great things about it. before i purchased my cup i did tons of research on it. i watched dozens of videos, some of them more than once LOL. i ran across a video that was explaining how she had to learn how to get her cup in properly so she felt secure she wouldn't leak. (cant remember if she leaked though) so when i heard that i figured when i got mine in the mail, id wash/prep it accordingly and then start using it BEFORE my period came so i could get the awkwardness out the way, and that’s what i did. I'm glad i took this route because it really takes some time getting used to. you have to make sure you’ve put it in correctly, as well as how to take it out. can you imagine going the whole work day with your cup in and you take it out wrong? you could drop it in the toilet, or spill the contents all over your hand/pants or worse….the floor! I'm being extra i know but it could happen LOL. so practice does make perfect. 

cleaning my diva cup is pretty basic. at night before bed i wash it with hot water and some black soap. let it air dry while i shower. insert and go to bed. in the morning, ill dump and rinse and reinsert. at the end of my cycle i will wash with black soap inside and out. i have a special bowl in my bathroom specifically for my cups that i will add boiling water to and i sit them in the hot water for about ten mins and i place them on the freshly washed diva cup carrying pouch to air dry. (i wash the pouch with my laundry). once dried i place it back in it’s pouch and set it in the clean bowl for the next time. 

Final Remarks: Over all the DivaCup is amazing! We definitely recommend it to our friends and family!

Below are a few things we found helpful: 

Click Here for a great video with TONs of wonderful information about SEVERAL different menstrual cups
Click Here - The sane girl as the first video here she shows a few different types of folds for your cup.
Click Here - An awesome video that shows how to use the cups

The DivaCup youtube channel 

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6 comments on "Yoni Sister Review: The Diva Cup"
  1. Anonymous6/11/2016

    Nice review. I always wanted to try a cup but I'm nervous about it. I never thought to give it a test run before my actual period though. I think I will buy a cheap one and get used to putting it in before buying one.

  2. Rajone8/06/2016

    Any suggestions from someone with an extremely heavy period? I'm curious because mine is very heavy.

    1. Hi Rajone! We would suggest having more than one cup since you have a heavier flow your cup would fill up faster and need to be dumped more often. I would definitely try it on your heaviest day while you're at home if possible just so you can gauge how much you fill up the cup and in how much time. Once you have that information you will be able to feel confident using the cup out and about knowing when you have to change it. What I do when I know I will be out and about for a while and might need to change my cup in a public restroom is this: I have 3 zip top bags in my purse one with the clean spare menstrual cup, one with some cleansing wipes (like baby wipes), & one empty bag. Before I go into the stall I wash my hands making sure the hand that I will insert in my vagina to take out my cup doesn't touch anything else in the public bathroom. I grab my zip top bags and have them ready, I will take out a baby wipe so once I take my cup out and dump it I will wrap it in the baby wipe and put it in the empty bag until I can get to a place I can wash it out. Then I use a baby wipe to wipe my hand and insert the other cup. It might sound complex but it's really a quick process- that is just what works for me. Once you get into a groove you will find what works for you! We're here if you have any more questions - Jay

    2. So, I tried softcup since it was in my cabinet. I stayed home Monday to become comfortable with this new routine. I didn't feel a thing after the cup was inserted and it was just a squeeze to insert. Just for back up I put on a pad. The first day and night were so successful that I took a chance and went on the road. I went out for the day.

      Victory in getting my quality of life back and I can now cut ties with the bathroom.

      My goal has been only to improve my quality of life. This was a BIG first step!

    3. We are SOOOOOO glad to hear that you gave menstrual cups a try and it was successful for you! You will be an inspiration to those women who are nervous to try it for themselves. Sharing you story on how easy it was to use will motivate someone else to give it a try as well! Thank you for sharing and as always stay tuned for more to come and be sure to listen to our podcast :)


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