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Jackie, 32
AAAAAAHHHHHHH! Y'all I'm so excited that we finally have the site up and running!!!! First, I hope everyone reading this has their chakras aligned and is in good heath! I'm totally excited to be writing my first post for Yoni Sisters. Here is my, not so brief, introduction behind wanting to start Yoni Sisters with Chantay (check out her other site too, it's amazing!)- lets jump right in! 

Three months ago (March 2016) I go in for my annual exam and I get hit with some news...I am HPV+ and the HPV strains (18/45) I have are high risk for cancer. When I got that phone call my brain was scrambled, I mean when you hear the words 'cancer' and 'you might have' in the same sentence it really freaks you out! 

I've never had an abnormal pap smear before and when I heard this news I was devastated, I couldn't get it out of my mind that I had cancer. I was also quite embarrassed about having HPV because it's not really something you hear talked about among friends, social media, and even in the doctors office-- until you have it. I was pretty uneducated about HPV outside of the general information, which honestly, was a part of the reason I was embarrassed about it. 

When the nurse called me to tell me my pap smear results, she also told me to make an appointment for a procedure called ‘Colposcopy’ as soon as possible. UGH- hearing that I needed a procedure as soon as possible just turned all the flies buzzing around in my head into hornets lol. The first available appointment was two weeks out and I just knew that I was going to go stir crazy waiting. Thank God for my best friend, Jennifer, she was definitely a bright spot during all of this. Jennifer is a CRNA, her medical background and being able to quickly talk to doctors for me and getting answers to my questions really made me feel a little more at ease about things.

I'm the type of person who needs information. I needed to know: 
What my body is going through?
What is HPV exactly? 
How you can get it? 
What do the strands of HPV I've tested positive for mean?
Will I have cancer one day?
Do I have cancer now?
How does this effect my chances of having children?
If I have cancer, will I need chemotherapy?
Will I need a hysterectomy at some point in my life?
What if I never have children???

Pretty much all of the, 'What the heck is going on with me?’ kind of questions kept racing through my mind. I kept thinking why me- I've always been very selective on who I've been with and use protection so just why, why me?! I needed time to process all of this, it was just so much. Okay back to the story and enough of my “freak out” moments lol. 

When I first found out this news, I didn’t tell many people. I told my parents, my best friend, Chantay, and two other friends: J&T. I didn’t know what was going to happen but I needed people who would be strong and help me through whatever  is necessary. 

So it’s colposcopy time…I’m freaking out while waiting in the exam room. Thanks to my friend texting me the whole time, while telling her boss to buzz off, and this microscope type thing that kind of looked like a cute robot, both of those things made it better. The Colposcopy itself wasn’t painful-- you know how you always think things will be worse than they actually are. (If you ladies request it I will write up a detailed post about my experience of the  procedure.)

More waiting……the Colposcopy is over and I have to wait TWO MORE WEEKS for the results of the biopsy. The waiting is really the worst part! So, I got the phone call with my results and was told to make an appointment with my doctor so she can explain everything and talk about the next steps we need to take. I’ll keep y'all posted on what happens.

Okay so now after that super long backstory we can get to more about the origins of Yoni Sisters. I’ve always been protective of my yoni and selective about who’s energy I transfer with with. I’ve also always been interesting in what’s going on between my legs so exploring the ins and outs of my vagina is something I consistently  do. Heck, during my colposcopy I made the doctor take a picture of my cervix so I could see what it looked like before and after the procedure! Knowing your yoni is so important. 

Chantay and I have known each other for a number of years via social media but we have yet to meet. (That will change this summer and I cannot wait to meet my Yoni Sister!!!) It was SO REFRESHING to know someone who feels the same way I do when it comes to learning more about all things yoni and womb health related. During the past year we bonded even more as we started exploring the world of healing crystals in the form of Yoni Eggs. Things that we found interesting and tried to share with some of our other friends had them looking at us like: "you’re crazy" and "you’re putting what 'up there'- girl bye😒?!” So when I got the news about my abnormal Pap smear results I hit her up (well actually told her to call me and she’s got a funny story over on her post) and said we need to share our "Yoni-sations" (yoni conversations). We need a platform to share everything we've learned, the things we experienced while using yoni eggs, and let our podcast being a starting point for more conversations amongst women about womb health. We are here for the sisterhood and nothing will be taboo on Yoni Sisters!

Thanks for reading our blog and staying tuned for our podcast!

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  1. hi, i want to ask your opinion, i have diagnosed HPV, and want to use a yoni egg also. How will i know which yoni egg is good for me? how i will choose the stone?

    Thank you,
    from Turkey


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